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Introducing Climate Alpha HOMES

Accelerating climate change makes it harder than ever to know the future value of your most precious asset: your home. Let us help you find the right time to sell and the best place to buy between now and 2040.

Here’s how it works:

1. Enter a property address

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From mitigation to adaptation:
Climate Alpha prices the future of geography

Climate Alpha is an AI-powered analytics platform that drives future-proof real estate strategies. It employs machine-learning techniques to combine hundreds of socioeconomic, demographic and market indicators with multiple climate scenarios to generate land and property value forecasts for every year through 2040.
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First mover advantage:
Be a market maker in the climate adaptation race

At more than $300 trillion, real estate is the world’s most widely held asset class – but it is highly vulnerable to climate change and other major disruptions. Property developers, asset managers, and insurers need to urgently rethink how to quantify risk and allocate capital for greater resilience.

The Climate Alpha Advantage

From meteorology to climatology

We look beyond weather patterns to deep environmental trends that shape both short and long-term geographic conditions

Deep data and wide data

We have built a vast data lake comprising an ever-expanding collection of thousands of datasets spanning climate, socio-economic, market, real estate and other variables

The full real asset spectrum

We cover all land and property types including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural, as well as real assets spanning infrastructure and commodities

You know the forest, we know the trees

We complement and integrate property-specific data with our deep data on each location for more accurate risk analysis and valuation forecasts

Today's cities and tomorrow's growth centers

We not only model major metro areas but all towns, suburbs, and rural areas, giving a complete picture of national dynamics

Beyond risk to opportunity

We quantify all physical risks and tackle transitional challenges, but also identify under-priced zones of growth that merit greater investment

Global data and coverage

We are expanding our price forecasting models beyond the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and Japan to encompass the entire terrestrial geography of the planet

From software to asset management

We are both an AI company as well as an advisor serving as "Climate Investment Officer" for institutional investors and managing our own Climate Alpha Funds

Price Climate, Generate Alpha

From Climate VaR to Climate RaV: Beyond value-at-risk to risk-adjusted valuation

Climate Price™

◆ Risk-adjusted valuations at the asset and portfolio levels, calculated annually to 2040

◆ Forecasts across multiple climate scenarios and across all major property types (residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural)

Resilience Index™

◆ Risk, vulnerability, and readiness scores covering nearly 20 indicators across 40,000 U.S. zip codes and Canada

◆ Calibrated to multiple climate scenarios, with national ranking comparisons and frequent data updates

Alpha Finder™

◆ Location search and discovery tool that screens 40,000 zip codes for highest correlation to user investment criteria

◆ Automatically indexes dozens of datasets and proprietary indices

Scenario Forecaster™

◆ Patent-pending, AI-driven pipeline, blending multiple RCP/SSP climate pathways with user-defined scenarios

◆ Simulate shocks and stress tests, and generates customized forecasts based on user-defined modifications to socioeconomic, market, demographic and climate variables

All Climate Alpha forecasts:

  • Run on our patent-pending scenario forecaster™️ that utilizes the latest machine learning techniques

  • Employ bespoke models for each property type (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc.)

  • Incorporate insights from our proprietary indices covering Resilience, Infrastructure, Wellness, and more

  • Are customizable via data blending into a private client data lake

  • Can be accessed via API, AWS S3, CSV, or other delivery method

Use cases for all real estate stakeholders

  • Stress-test existing portfolios with Climate Price™ forecasts under multiple scenarios to refine VaR or returns assumptions 
  • Construct thematic funds (equity, REITs, ETFs, etc.) using Alpha Finder™ to screen and geolocate top-performing locations according to indicators such as climate resilience, renewable energy, infrastructure spending,  etc
  • Rank and prioritize assets for acquisition or disposition with Climate Price ™ forecast of locations annually to 2040 
  • Use Resilience Index™ to map risk and model climate-adjusted VaR forecasts 
  • License Climate Alpha indices to benchmark performance or build and refine indexed products 
  • Use Alpha Finder to identify fast-growing locations for new acquisitions
  • Identify arbitrage opportunities in climate resilient locations through predictive modeling of land values
  • Climate-adjusted due diligence using Climate Price™ valuation forecasts and Resilience Index™ scores
  • Earn Climate Oasis™ certification for climate resilient locations to upsell developments
  • Use Climate Price™ forecasts as an independent input for loan-to-value ratio as well as PMI/MIP requirement calculations
  • Calibrate insurance premiums according to Resilience Index™ scores under multiple climate change scenarios
  • Stress test portfolios against extreme climate thresholds with our proprietary RCP X scenario
  • Prepare for TCFD and upcoming SEC risk assessment requirements with Resilience Index™ scores of climate risk, vulnerability and readiness under multiple climate scenarios

  • Use Climate Price™ risk-adjusted valuation for TCFD reporting on material impact of climate change on business operations and financial planning

  • Decompose ESG metrics with granularity (e.g. energy intensity, Scope 2 emissions,  social vulnerability)

  • Use Resilience Index™ risk, vulnerability and readiness scores of state or local-level jurisdictions to develop resilience and preparedness strategies

  • Model Climate Price™ forecasts of land and asset values to guide land privatization and land value taxation policies

  • Work with Climate Alpha data scientists and experts to develop scenario exercises and / or climate wargames for operational readiness

  • Construct urban wealth funds using our suite of analytics, from Climate Price™ to Alpha Finder™

Use cases for all real estate stakeholders

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