Climate Price™ Dataset


Existing climate risk products are limited to physical risk, failing to account for the fact that physical risk exposure is conditioned by a location’s vulnerability and readiness characteristics (i.e. socioeconomic, demographic, and market factors). To remedy this, Climate Alpha pioneered a methodology to forecast the risk-adjusted valuation of land and property under diverse climate and user-generated scenarios.


Climate Price™ provides risk-adjusted valuations for
locations in all 40,000 US zip codes and Canada, covering all property types (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural) and under multiple climate change and socio-economic scenarios. With >1,500 datasets spanning climate, socio-economic, and market variables, our “wide data” approach captures the complex interplay of first and second-order effects of physical climate hazards.

Dataset Details

  • Primary Entity Type: Real Estate
  • Geographic Coverage: 40,000 US zip codes and Canada with expansion to Europe and APAC in 2023
  • Property Coverage: Residential (Single-family, Multi-family), Commercial (Office, Retail), Industrial
  • Years Covered: 2022-2040
  • Baseline Index, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and valuation forecasts without climate change scenarios by location and property type
  • Climate impact risk-adjusted valuation under multiple climate scenarios by location and property type

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Climate Alpha is an AI-powered analytics platform that employs machine-learning techniques to combine hundreds of socioeconomic, demographic and market indicators to generate real estate valuation forecasts.

Our Climate Price™ forecasts include:


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