Finding safe haven in the climate change future: The Southeast

Finding safe haven in the climate change future

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This Yahoo News series analyzes different regions around the country in terms of climate change risks that they face now and will experience in the years to come.

Yahoo News’ David Knowles explores the best and worst places to live in the American Southeast — “one of the most-threatened regions of the country” due to climate change. Drawing on data provided by the Rhodium Group, the site unsurprisingly ranks Louisiana coastal counties among the most vulnerable, and the mountainous southwest corner of Virginia as the most resilient.

The fact a mainstream news organization is framing the issue this way is to testament to how quickly the once-verboten conversation around climate migration is changing. “With Hurricane Ian, I think we’ve seen a conversation at a much more acute pitch and much more rapidly moving in the direction of ‘Do not rebuild here. Do not come back here. We should not be putting taxpayer money into this.’ And those families should not be putting their entire net worth into that place again,” Climate Alpha’s CEO Parag Khanna told Knowles. “The accelerating frequency of these disasters is contributing to that change in mood which is reinforcing what policymakers know they must do.”

At Climate Alpha, we’re building tools to identify climate risks and opportunities that go far beyond top ten lists. Our Resilience Index™ calculates comprehensive risk scores for every county in the country, while our Alpha Finder™ scours 40,000 ZIP codes for the highest-performing communities and properties. Visit to learn more about how our tools can help you identify where the world is heading — and get there first.

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