Climate Alpha Insights

Resilient Cities Run on Climate Alpha

Last year’s Inflation Reduction Act earmarked $369 billion for U.S. climate investments over the next decade — an unprecedented sum already beginning to trickle down from the federal to state and local levels.

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Climate Change Hurricane Ian Rebuilding

Why Florida keeps rebuilding after storms

What will it take for most Americans to realize the risks of a changing climate? As global leaders meet in Egypt for #COP27 and as the United States takes stock the day after the mid-term elections, Florida residents are grappling with whether to shelter in place following the destructive path of #HurricaneIan, or to build back better from a climate resilience standpoint.

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Climate Crisis

A Climate Crisis “Worse” Than the 1970’s?

“A lot of real estate is going to be stranded because of global climate change,” the economist Nouriel Roubini — better known as “Dr. Doom” for correctly diagnosing the Global Financial Crisis — told Bloomberg News’ Odd Lots podcast last week.

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Invest in Climate Adaptation

It’s Time to Invest in Climate Adaptation

Currently, climate adaptation initiatives — that is, those that help people, animals, and plants to survive despite rising climate volatility rather than trying to reverse it — receive only 6% of climate-related investment. They deserve far greater business investment…

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Climate Change to Climate Alpha

From Climate Change to Climate Alpha

This decade marks the beginning of climate change taking a permanent place in our headlines — and humanity taking seriously the need to adapt to it. While climate consciousness has risen over the past 20 years and more…

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