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Climate Alpha Partners with MIT Center of Real Estate

Climate Alpha is proud to announce our partnership with the MIT Center for Real Estate, a global leader in educating and rallying the development industry toward greater resilience and sustainability. Together, we aim to mobilize real estate investors and professionals as a catalyst for the rapid transition to a greener society.

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How (and Where) to Avoid the Next Housing Crash

The U.S. housing market is in trouble. Home prices have posted their first annual decline in more than a decade, erasing $2.3 trillion of Americans’ wealth. More pain is likely to follow as the Federal Reserve continues raising interest rates, causing mortgage rates to rise in turn above 7%. This has sparked fears of an imminent, if unevenly distributed, housing crash, with the most bearish investors predicting price declines of 15% or more.

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La Nina, which worsens hurricanes and drought, is gone

After three years of worsening western drought and intensifying east coast hurricanes, La Nina is over, NOAA declared on Thursday. The cyclic cooling of the Pacific is forecast to give way to its better known counterpart El Niño later this year. This not only has consequences for global weather in general but also U.S. agriculture in particular.

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Climate Alpha’s AI Edge

When the Federal Reserve asks America’s largest banks to stress-test their portfolios in the event of a climate disaster, what tools should they turn to? Which of today’s Zoomtowns suffering a housing affordability hangover may actually become tomorrow’s climate resilient boomtowns? And will Florida’s retirement communities retain their value as insurance dries up, or are there better bets for buying a home in the coming decade(s)? 

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What’s Going On With the Housing Market?

Home buyers and sellers are trying to make sense of a downturn that’s full of contradictions: Demand has seized up but supply is still low; prices are sliding but not plummeting; and no one can agree on what comes next.

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Resilient Cities Run on Climate Alpha

Last year’s Inflation Reduction Act earmarked $369 billion for U.S. climate investments over the next decade — an unprecedented sum already beginning to trickle down from the federal to state and local levels.

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Climate Change Hurricane Ian Rebuilding

Why Florida keeps rebuilding after storms

What will it take for most Americans to realize the risks of a changing climate? As global leaders meet in Egypt for #COP27 and as the United States takes stock the day after the mid-term elections, Florida residents are grappling with whether to shelter in place following the destructive path of #HurricaneIan, or to build back better from a climate resilience standpoint.

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Climate Crisis

A Climate Crisis “Worse” Than the 1970’s?

“A lot of real estate is going to be stranded because of global climate change,” the economist Nouriel Roubini — better known as “Dr. Doom” for correctly diagnosing the Global Financial Crisis — told Bloomberg News’ Odd Lots podcast last week.

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Invest in Climate Adaptation

It’s Time to Invest in Climate Adaptation

Currently, climate adaptation initiatives — that is, those that help people, animals, and plants to survive despite rising climate volatility rather than trying to reverse it — receive only 6% of climate-related investment. They deserve far greater business investment…

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Climate Change to Climate Alpha

From Climate Change to Climate Alpha

This decade marks the beginning of climate change taking a permanent place in our headlines — and humanity taking seriously the need to adapt to it. While climate consciousness has risen over the past 20 years and more…

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