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With Colorado “getting strange,” Michigan may be the place to be as climate changes

The Denver Post

People who relocated during the pandemic favored areas at higher risk of disruption due to climate change, but they may come to regret those moves over the long term, futurist Greg Lindsay told a gathering of the Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors on Thursday morning…


It’s Time to Invest in Climate Adaptation

Harvard Business Review

Currently, climate adaptation initiatives — that is, those that help people, animals, and plants to survive despite rising climate volatility rather than trying to reverse it — receive only 6% of climate-related investment. They deserve far greater business investment…


From Climate Change to Climate Alpha

Henley & Partners

This decade marks the beginning of climate change taking a permanent place in our headlines — and humanity taking seriously the need to adapt to it. While climate consciousness has risen over the past 20 years and more…


Climate migration is here. The U.S. must invest accordingly.

Washington Post

This week, parts of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia found themselves underwater after an “atmospheric river” dumped inches of rain within hours, caused power outages and devastating floods, and forced the evacuations of thousands…


Why the Great Lakes need to be the center of our climate strategy

Fast Company

If you’re looking for a strategy to get the most value from climate investments, the answer is simple: Cities like Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo will still be livable as the climate changes, and have the space to absorb climate migrants…