Climate Alpha Insurance & Reinsurance

Price risk, finance opportunity

Climate risk models capture only first-order impact, not the effects of climate change in real-world contexts. Climate Alpha forecasts climate data with socioeconomic data and market variables in >1,500 datasets to go beyond the first-order effects of physical climate hazards.

Underwriting and Investment

  • Use Climate Price™ valuations as an independent input for loan-to-value ratio and PMI / MIP calculations
  • Calibrate insurance premiums according to the Resilience Index™ risk, vulnerability and readiness scores under multiple climate scenarios
  • Strategize capital allocation to asset management arms leveraging data and analytics
  • Incorporate your data and models with Climate Alpha’s wide data lake for enhanced risk forecasts
  • Segment policies by time horizon, property type, RCP scenarios and geographies of highest risk accumulation
  • Minimize exposure to ‘climate sub-prime’ lenders while steering clients into resilient geographies
  • Hedge against asset / liability mismatch through climate resilient portfolio construction
  • Stress-test asset portfolios against extreme climate thresholds using our patent pending Scenario Forecaster™

At a glance:

Going beyond physical climate risk, Climate Alpha enables insurance firms to calibrate premiums and strategically allocate capital by looking at systemic risk and opportunity with socioeconomic, demographic and market factors

Rank properties by Climate Price performance. Reduce risk and recapitalize in high-value locations.


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