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✔ Understand your county’s risk, vulnerability, and readiness factors


✔ Benchmark your county’s risk, vulnerability, and readiness scores with other cities across the nation


✔ Plan federal-level strategies with access to all scores for all counties in the U.S.

Your Purchase Includes

Full Resilience Index™ scores​

• Physical risk scores for heat, storm, drought, flood and fire risk

• Vulnerability scores for population density, age structure, coastal population, poverty, urban porosity and infrastructure

• Readiness sub-indicators for credit, healthcare, crime, education, public spending and clean energy

Analysis under 3 climate scenarios

• Optimistic (SSP1, RCP3.4)

• Business as Usual (SSP3, RCP4.5)

• Pessimistic (SSP5, RCP8.5)

Visualizations and underlying data

• Shareable link to web-based dashboard and data visualizations

• Downloadable data and images (via platform and API)

Need more than Resilience Index™ scores?

Contact us to learn more about our location reports that include both our Climate Price™ valuation forecasts and Resilience Index™ scores and analysis.

Climate Alpha location reports ​

Combining the insights of Climate Price™ ​and the Resilience Index™

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