Exclusive offer for Mastercard City
Possible members

Mastercard City Possible members will receive the headline scores for risk, vulnerability, and readiness for their city free of charge.

They will also receive a discount on accessing the indicator scores and underlying data for their city as well as other cities.

Climate Alpha will also offer a discount on services provided by its network of adaptation advisors who have worked with cities nationwide to develop action plans for improving their readiness.

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Welcome to Climate Alpha

Climate Alpha is an AI-powered platform that drives adaptation strategies for government, real estate professionals, and investors. It combines hundreds of socioeconomic, demographic, and market indicators with multiple climate scenarios to generate land and property value forecasts for every year to 2040.

Climate Alpha’s proprietary Resilience Index (™) is a comprehensive scorecard of the risk, vulnerability, and readiness levels for 40,000+ US zip codes (or 3,000+ counties). Each cluster is comprised of essential indicators aggregated from multiple authoritative sources:



Heat, storm, drought, flood, fire



Population density, coastal population, age structure, urban porosity, infrastructure, poverty



Credit score, healthcare, crime, education, public spending, clean energy

How can city officials and communities use Climate Alpha’s Resilience Index?

The Resilience Index serves as a dashboard for officials to develop and prioritize policy responses against specific climate risks and societal vulnerabilities. City and local governments can leverage the Resilience Index to:

  • Design optimal climate adaptation strategies
  • Strategically allocate resilience grants from the federal government
  • Reform urban and rural land-use policies
  • Identify relocation sites for public and private facilities
  • Conduct scenario-based exercises to prepare for extreme disruptions

Climate Alpha’s land and property valuation platform can be leveraged to:

  • Establish the climate-adjusted market value of real estate assets to model GDP and tax revenue projections
  • Develop land privatization and “urban wealth fund” management mechanisms
  • Calculate and budget for investment requirements and priorities for resiliency measures

City Possible Members will Receive:

1. Complimentary Resilience Index headline scores


2. Discounted access to underlying datasets and indicator explanations

Scores under multiple climate change scenarios


Comparative scores to benchmark performance across all U.S. zipcodes


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