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Zonda’s BUILDER magazine examined the top 5 home building markets using Climate Alpha’s new HOMES tool that forecasts financial gains and losses due to climate change. Read about how they used our platform to understand how climate change will affect the top 5 new-home markets by 2030.

Media Spotlight

Climate Alpha launches HOMES, a free tool pricing the impacts of climate change into the future value of more than 100 million American homes. Applying its proprietary Resilience Index™ that covers more than 30,000 US ZIP codes, HOMES forecasts financial gains or losses due to climate change between now and 2040. For the first time, homebuyers and sellers can see and compare the true price of ownership once climate is factored in.

Media Spotlight

Climate Alpha founder and CEO Parag Khanna has a modest proposal for residents of Louisiana in his new Q&A with Politico’s Debra Kamin:

“Give everyone $250,000 and send them on their way. And say, ‘Here’s a map of resilient geographies. Here’s ZIP codes and counties that are not climate-stressed, where there’s building permitting, where there’s homes and schools, go live there and start a new life.’ Because otherwise you, as a human being, are going to spend 240 days a year just dealing with climate disaster. We’re Americans, we’re not meant to be survivalists, it’s not a way for a modern society to be.”

Media Spotlight

Climate Alpha’s CEO Parag Khanna kicked off the new year in a wide-ranging interview with Analyse Asia’s Bernard Leong about COP27, a potential resolution of the Ukraine-Russia war, and how to ease tensions on the Taiwan straits. But more than anything else, the pair talked real estate.

“The vision is to future proof global real estate,” Parag said. “Now, why real estate? One thinks that it’s just one industry, right? Well, it’s $300 trillion. There is no asset class, no industry that is remotely as valuable. Not all the treasury bonds in the world, not all the stock exchanges in the world, not all the real GDP of the economies of the world adds up to the value of global land and property. What will any of it be worth tomorrow? One year from now? Five years from now? We used to have pretty stable answers to these questions. The truth is the valuation model is broken because it’s very antiquated. And not only is the appraisal or valuation model broken, it’s even more broken because it never took climate change into consideration.”

Media Spotlight


Climate Alpha’s Dr. Parag Khanna and Greg Lindsay are featured in The Boston Globe exploring whether climate change might reverse New England’s historic population outflow. A bigger factor, they argue, might be the region’s lack of affordable housing — which only underscores the need to begin planning and building for tomorrow’s arrivals now. Read to see what each has to say on Boston’s and New England’s future.

Media Spotlight


Dr. Parag Khanna is interviewed in this Yahoo News series that analyzes different regions around the country in terms of climate change risks that they face now and will experience in the years to come. Read what he has to say about finding safe haven in the climate change future.

Media Spotlight

The Weather Channel

Climate Alpha’s founder and CEO Dr. Parag Khanna Khanna recently joined The Weather Channel to discuss climate change, adaptation, and migration. Where will Americans want to live in 2030 and beyond? How should regions prepare in the coming decades? And which places will successfully adapt to the next normal, and which will be left behind?

Media Spotlight

Commercial Observer

One prop-tech startup that is focused on predicting and mitigating climate risk for developers and investors is Climate Alpha. “There is already a whole wave of climate tech 1.0 companies that specialize in risk,” says CEO Parag Khanna. “They just look at the downside indicators: heat waves will be scorching and the sea levels will rise and engulf us. They don’t tell you when what pace, or the impact on price incrementally between now and that 2050 year of the disaster. They don’t offset that risk through these mitigation measures.”

Media Spotlight

Global News

A warming planet is completely changing the calculus of where people are choosing to live. Climate Alpha is a new platform powered by artificial intelligence that makes cutting-edge predictions on property valuations based on climate risks and other factors.

Machine learning can take into account a range of data points, from climate forecasts to immigration patterns, to the availability of land. These data can then be used to assess property prices in ways that financial data and models simply can’t compete with.

Media Spotlight


It’s not just floods and fires: This AI forecasts how climate change will impact your city.

If you buy a house in Miami or Phoenix in 2022, what will it be worth in five years or ten years as climate change progresses? A new tech platform, Climate Alpha, uses a “scenario forecaster” to help answer that question—and to help predict where it might make sense to invest instead…

Media Spotlight


A new climate software firm that’s announcing itself to the world on Tuesday says it has a competitive edge that other companies lack.

The big picture: Climate Alpha, which just raised a $4 million seed round, uses AI and machine learning to tell customers where to invest and move to in light of climate change and other factors…

Press Release (September 2022)


Climate Alpha announces the launch of its data-driven product suite, offering property developers, asset managers, and insurers risk-adjusted valuations, resilience scores, and site selection rankings for locations all across America and soon globally…

New Partnership


In partnership with Mastercard’s flagship City Possible program, Climate Alpha is proud to offer the Resilience Index™ on City Insights to its network of mayors, companies, and communities to support their strategic planning for climate adaptation. Public officials can use the Resilience Index™ to:

• Develop climate impact assessments at the local level
• Design city-level climate adaptation policies
• Prioritize the allocation of grants from the federal government
• Reform urban and rural land-use policies
• Identify relocation sites for public and private facilities

New Partnership


Climate Alpha’s AI-powered proprietary Resilience Index™ provides risk, vulnerability, and readiness scores across the U.S. The Index includes a dashboard to guide robust climate adaptation strategies and promote investment into climate resilient areas.

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