The next real estate boom will be in climate resilient regions...

Climate Alpha tells you what locations will be worth tomorrow, giving you first-mover advantage into the ultimate asset: resilient geography.

Pricing the property of tomorrow

All Climate Alpha products are built on our cloud-based enterprise platform. We offer an enterprise license for full platform access to our multiple products:

Climate Alpha products are interrelated and interoperable. For example, Resilience Index scores impact Climate Price forecasts and are calibrated to the multiple climate models that run on our Scenario Forecaster™. Furthermore, Alpha Finder results can be fed into the Scenario Forecaster™ for additional stress testing.

Integrated Product Flow Chart - Vertical
Integrated Product Flow Chart - Vertical

Every place has a Climate Price™. What’s yours?

Climate Alpha has pioneered a methodology to forecast the risk-adjusted values of land and property under diverse climate and user-generated scenarios.

Climate Price™ forecasts include:


  • Risk-adjusted valuations and CAGR forecasts annually to 2040

  • Bespoke forecasts for all property types

  • Asset and fund-level performance rankings to support disposition and acquisition strategies

Every place has a Climate Price™

Looking for climate-resilient locations to invest?
Alpha Finder™ can help

Screen 40,000 U.S. zip codes and Canada for locations with the highest correlation to top performance across dozens of indicators and proprietary indices. Tailor searches to investment mandate criteria to drive more confident asset allocation and fund construction.


How resilient is your location?
Find out with our proprietary 18-point Resilience Index™

Climate Alpha’s proprietary Resilience Indexscores every county in America according to risk, vulnerability, and readiness factors, allowing for local adaptation investments to shape market forecasts. Climate Alpha’s suite of indices also includes the COVID Response Index, the Infrastructural Renewal Index, and more.

Want to decode the complex interplay between climate and socioeconomic factors? Explore our Scenario Forecaster™

Climate Alpha’s patent-pending scenario forecaster™ uses advanced machine learning techniques to incorporate large and diverse datasets, allows for the manipulation of key variables simultaneously, and generates robust valuation forecasts that can complement and reinforce traditional forecasting methods.

Users can choose from a library of preset RCP/SSP climate pathways, or blend these scenarios with internal hypotheses using our customizable scenario builder that supports user-generated simulations reflecting the complex interplay of climate with socioeconomic, demographic, market, and other variables.

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Customize all Climate Alpha forecasts, indices, and simulations via data blending

Blend internal or vendor data with Climate Alpha’s data lake for comparison, validation, and customization of forecasts:

  • Embed internal or vendor data into private client data lake

  • Broaden analysis by fusing with our time-series variables

  • Enhance accuracy by retraining forecasting models

Scenario Forecaster

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