Climate Alpha Real Estate Developers

You know property, we know geography

Climate Valuation Impact

  • Forecast the climate adjusted market value of land and revise valuation forecasts on all property types (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural) using Climate Price™
  • Assess location adaptation needs and priorities according to climate risk, vulnerability and readiness scores using Climate Alpha’s proprietary Resilience Index™
  • Streamline environmental assessments with renewable energy, infrastructure spending, air quality and other climate risk and resilience data
  • Target properties for “green bond” issuance to finance building upgrades and acquisition of properties in climate-resilient zones

Project Development and Land Banking

  • Identify arbitrage opportunities in climate resilient locations through predictive modeling of land values
  • Identify fast-growing cities for investment according to demographic shifts, infrastructure investment, quality of life metrics, etc using Alpha Finder™
  • Identify the next boomtown based on highest air quality, new housing starts, available vacation homes and other factors through Climate Alpha’s proprietary indexes

At a glance:

Climate Alpha highlights locations according to the greatest divergence between land and property values, generating arbitrage opportunities for early investment. 

Use Cases

Site identification and selection for new acquisitions

Investment research and strategy

Relocation strategy for housing, commerce, and industry

Forecast and compare price predictions at the property and fund scale to guide acquisitions.

If you build it, they will come. Use Climate Alpha to construct antifragile property portfolio


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