Real Estate Investment Management

Without an informed view on climate risk and resiliency, investors tie-up capital in unproductive investments and hinder robust portfolio performance.

Climate Alpha quantifies the impact from physical climate risk (direct & indirect effects) and assesses community and market level resiliency based on factors such as infrastructure quality, recovery funding, and policy. 

Data-Driven Investment Strategy

  • Understand the financial impact of climate volatility using any valuation model
  • Rank and compare assets or acquisitions across risk and readiness measures
  • Evaluate community-level adaptation response to understand how well a location will rebound from climate risks
  • Improve locational due diligence using 70+ variables related to infrastructure, energy, health, safety, incomes, and other themes

Risk Management

  • Pinpoint climate risk exposure by hazard, property type, investment vehicle, and other filters
  • Clarify investment horizons to protect portfolio yield and ensure exit liquidity
  • Rebalance portfolios to mitigate exposure and ensure a specific allocation to climate resilient locations
  • Assess insurance policies for sufficiency given climate risk and financial impact
  • Disclose physical climate risk in accordance with the TCFD and TNFD frameworks

At a glance:

Climate Alpha supports firms in understand the financial impact of climate change on valuations. We use location-based risk and readiness metrics and our proprietary Resilience Index™  to calculate a coefficient that companies can use to enhance their:



Leading real estate investment manager, BentallGreenOak, struggled to establish a data-driven approach towards incorporating climate change in its investment process.

Climate Alpha worked with the team to develop a location-based due diligence assessment. Furthermore, Climate Alpha helped BGO evaluate the financial impact of climate change by integrating a climate coefficient into their valuation model. 

As a result, they were able to better understand how the value of its portfolio may change over time, allowing them to mitigate the risk through greater insurance coverage and adjusted investment horizons while also taking advantage of climate resilient investment opportunities.


Oaktree, one of the world’s largest alternative investment managers had difficulty understanding its exposure to physical climate risk given its fund’s complex composition of real estate equity, private loans, and traded securities. 

Climate Alpha worked closely with the Oaktree team to help pinpoint climate risk, further dissect it by fund and investment vehicle, and calculate its financial impact over time. 

By helping them understand the financial impact of climate volatility, they were able to rank and compare asset performance across existing funds and raise capital for future funds.

Scenario CAGR by Property from 2022 to 2040

Rank properties by Climate Price performance. Reduce risk and recapitalize in high-value locations.

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