Climate Alpha Investment Management

From climate VaR to climate CAGR

Portfolio optimization and acquisition

  • Analyze hold periods using risk-adjusted valuations to rank and comparing assets according to Climate Price™ projections
  • Identify top-performing locations for acquisition or development according to resilience, renewable energy, infrastructure spending, income, air quality and 70+ other variables using Alpha Finder™
  • Understand climate impact on communities and property value according to societal resilience, infrastructure, immigration, and other factors through our Resilience Index™ and other proprietary indexes
  • Improve valuation models with rich climate, socioeconomic, fiscal and demographic data or incorporate client specific data into the Climate Price™ valuation models

Scenario-based risk management

  • Stress-test portfolios under multiple climate change scenarios with Climate Price™ forecasts to refine VaR calculations and rank assets for disposition or recapitalization
  • Understand the impact on valuation of a location’s climate risk, vulnerability, and readiness leveraging the Resilience Index™ (e.g. energy intensity, Scope 1&2 emissions, social vulnerability, etc.)
  • Make climate risk actionable using Climate Alpha’s forward looking valuation forecasts, Resilience Index™ scorecard, Alpha Finder™ acquisition targeting platform, and other tools

Portfolio and fund construction

  • Climate-proof real estate securities strategies such as equity and credit funds, MBS pools, and REITs
  • Benchmark financial products (e.g. index funds, ETFs) using Climate Alpha’s valuations and/or proprietary indexes

At a glance:

Climate Alpha’s platform enables real estate investors to look beyond climate risk to understand how climate, socioeconomic, demographic and market factors impact their current portfolio and potential acquisitions to make more informed investment decisions

Scenario CAGR by Property from 2022 to 2040

Rank properties by Climate Price performance. Reduce risk and recapitalize in high-value locations.


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