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Climate Alpha founder and CEO Dr. Parag Khanna Khanna has a modest proposal for residents of Louisiana in his new Q&A with POLITICO’s Debra Kamin:

“Give everyone $250,000 and send them on their way. And say, ‘Here’s a map of resilient geographies. Here’s ZIP codes and counties that are not climate-stressed, where there’s building permitting, where there’s homes and schools, go live there and start a new life.’ Because otherwise you, as a human being, are going to spend 240 days a year just dealing with climate disaster. We’re Americans, we’re not meant to be survivalists, it’s not a way for a modern society to be.”

The data bears him out. Citing Climate Alpha’s analysis of southwest Florida following Hurricane Ian, he explains:

“We looked at the areas of damage and we’re like, OK, there’s a ring of ZIP codes inland from Fort Myers, Sarasota and whatnot, that actually have fairly high resilience characteristics. And they actually have good infrastructure. And if you had higher building permitting in those areas, you would actually want to right now go and build, like, 50,000 homes in those ZIP codes. So the people of Fort Myers could leave and reliably find a new place to live and never have to deal with the next hurricane.”

And we can help. Whether you’re a homeowner, investor, or mayor, visit to sign up for a free account and start planning for the future today. And coming soon is Climate Alpha HOMES — a free tool for prospective home buyers and seller to forecast the effects of climate on the future vale of their homes.

“People have to move,” Parag tells Politico. “People have to adapt.” Let us help you.

To read the entire interview, click here.

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